Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Google+ Wish List

We've probably all heard the question at least once in our lives — If you had just three wishes, what would they be?

And after using our first two, most of us also probably wished for 3 more wishes. And so the list continues to build. Well, Google didn't wait for the question to be asked and answered, they created Google+ for us based on their best intelligence (which is substantial), but there's nothing quite like serving a worldwide market to help refine a product.

With this in mind, I've created a separate place for those that may be interested (not genealogy specific, but Google+ specific). It is a blog which will be dedicated to a Google+ Wish List so we can hopefully get all our favorite features in there sooner, rather than later.

Give it a peek and share it with your friends — geni-friends or otherwise. And don't be afraid to share your thoughts as comments to some of the posts.

1 comment:

  1. I caught the Webinar last night and this morning was successful in finding a friend giving out invitations to join.
    You are asking for suggestions as to how to improve Google+. I want to start at the very beginning: with the Profile. I have given my name, and a photo, and now I am asked for my occupation and my school. Shades of Facebook! When you are retired you haven't got much of an occupation (or the word can cover a multitudes of things--sins and otherwise), and some of us would prefer not to share our lives of today with those we went to school with. Why can't Google be original here and ask for (1)Hobbies and (2)Clubs and Societies? Things that are much more "now" in a person's leisure time.
    Thanks for getting your talk onto your blog. I will need to use it as an instruction book in setting up my profile and my circles.